Product Branding

Visual identity is a must-have element to gain market positioning.
Branding is a manifesto of visual naration that includes logo, color identity, image style, etc which will put a special place in customer’s mind.

Creative Solution

Everything You Need To Start Selling Online Today. More Faster, Better & Smarter services to maintain business relationship based on digital platforms as an ideal and efficient creative liaison.

How We Do

Business solution with just a click

Phase o1

Problem Analysis and Concept

We believe that understanding your needs and current condition thoroughly is the perfect start to give you impactful solution to achieve an ambitious yet feasible goal.

Phase o2

Solution Development

Once the gamification blue print is established, we are heading to the formulation and development. This is our service’s essential activity as your feedback and target audiences’ will be our main focus.

Phase o3

Implementation and Evaluation

We recognize our part is not done yet once the solution is implemented. It is the core of our standard to continuously monitor and evaluate the output in order to support you to reach the maximum impact.

Phase o4


All of the phases are delivered with excellence and your satisfaction in mind, based on the collaboration spirit as our core of communication.

Look Like a Pro with an On-Brand Website

A website is the fastest way to look like a pro and get customers to trust you (and want to work with you!). Use our easy website builder tool to build a beautiful, on-brand website in just a few clicks.

The best part? Your website will be automatically designed based on your logo and brand style (yes!).



Before I started working with SPP, I wasn’t absolutely convinced about the the whole concept of branding! But now that our advertising, social media, sales material and online marketing campaigns are far more consistent, strategic, and speaking directly to our target market.

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