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An Intelligent Customer Data Platform, that’s technologically superior, has best-in-class data quality and brings insights to life, so you get Complete Data Prowess.

SPP – More than just a three letter acronym

Get ownership of data with this marketer-owned data powerhouse that will boost real-time customer experiences

1. Omnichannel Ingestion

Identity Data

  • Phone number
  • Loyalty data
  • Email ID
  • Cookie ids
  • POS

Behavioral Data

  • Visits
  • App launch & browsing
  • Offer redemptions
  • Campaign response

Aggregator Data Customer Service Data

2. Predictive Segmentation and Insight


  • Rule Based
  • RMFE Segmentation
  • ML Based

Predicts and Decisioning

  • Next best actions
  • Recommendation engine
  • Channel optimization
  • Marketing analytics
  • Journey marketing


3. Customer Touchpoint


  • Email
  • Sms
  • App


  •  POS


SPP is it the right for you?

In a day and age where consumers don’t just buy goods and services, but also experiences, competing and winning in retail requires treating every customer as unique. If you’re unable to run certain marketing programs today, consider a SPP.

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Two steps beyond SPP

We offer a full-suite CDP, with best-in-class data accuracy and security capabilities apart from being:

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